MALKOLAK CENTRE FOR BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOINFORMATICS (M-IBB) under the Department of Applied Biosciences carries out research and development in the areas of Bioinformatics, drug designing, cheminformatics, pharmacogenomics, proteomics etc. and conduct modular courses in frontier areas of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. The centre plans to have partnership with industries in India, collaborations with scientists of highest repute from academia, both from within the country and abroad. MIBB plans to work as incubator for development important softwares and de novo technologies.

To develop as a platform for industry, academia, researchers, scientists to identify different research breakthroughs.
To give students and industry Personnel different insights and understanding of advanced techniques and approaches adopted in genomics and proteomics.
To help industry identify and develop suitable technologies through linkages with academia.
Development of Bio therapeutics using modern molecular biologic and genetic engineering techniques
Identification of new vaccine candidates through genomics
Comparative and structural genomics proteomics studies using reverse vaccinology and Immuno informatics approaches
Biomarkers identification for prognostic and diagnostic purposes
Proteomic studies on Clinical isolates of Tuberculosis
Identification of novel antigens that will serve as biomarkers.
Cloning and expression of Bio therapeutic proteins in suitable expression system
Construction of database for herbal compounds that are candidate for nano material for production of gold/silver particle.
Comparison between penaeidin gene in different species from different source.
Biomarker discovery for treatment of cervical and hepatitis cancer through epigenomics approach.
Etiology and Genetics of Breast cancer Incidence in Global Population – Detailed review of the etiology and genetic factors responsible for Breast cancer progression.
Cervical cancer Prevalence and need for Early detection t in Developing countries- An evaluation of morphological alterations of HPV infected lesions.
Effective alternative screening methods for the control of cervical cancer and at the same time more specific and sensitive in terms of retaining the morphological context in understanding the tumor progression of the sample.
Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering
Immunology and Cell Biology
Bio informatics and Computational Biology
Protein purification and formulation
Nano Biotechnology
Bio therapeutics
Pharmacogenomics and insilico drug designing
R&D Outsourced Projects: Industry out sourced projects in the area of Gene cloning, vector/Construct development and any other areas such as immunology [Epitope] mapping, Identification of Bio markers, Infectious and communicable diseases, cancers using genomics and proteomic approaches will be taken.
Training and Development
Entrepreneurship development
CGMP, GLP practices and Regulatory Requirements of Biotech Product
Clinical Research and Data management
Intellectual Property Rights, Legal Aspects Ethical Issues
Professional Guidance for establishing Labs: Professional Guidance will be provided to industry and colleges for establishing labs where new courses in Biotechnology, Bioinformatics are introduced. Following areas will be covered:
Genetic Engineering
Immuno biotechnology
Scale up operations
Bioinformatics, Genomics and Proteomics
Market Linkages and Support: Market linkages and support will be developed through projects undertaken in collaboration with industries on market analysis, market survey for different products.
Development of Databases and genomics library.