MALKOLAK INSTITUTE OF NANOSCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (M-INT),Hyderabad is a well known focus point for research professionals from various sectors of research due to many well established academic universities and institutions, research laboratories and pharmaceutical industries. Most of the institutes have developed their own infrastructure and facilities to meet their research efforts at different levels. However, many institutes and laboratories are still suffering due to lack of facilities to ensure their research, especially in the area of nanoscience and technology, as highly sophisticated instruments and technologies are required to process and characterize the nanomaterials for techno-commercial applications. Hence, there is a growing demand to develop a unique platform for industry, academic and scientific community to identity their research interests. Henceforth, we have aimed to establish an individual center for nanoscience and technology to recommend distinctive proposals under one umbrella for young researchers and academic professionals to achieve their research dreams.
MINT is being conceptualized aiming at advancing knowledge in nano-science and technology which involves research and development of nano-materials such as multi wall carbon nano-tubes (MWCNT), nano particles such as SiO2, Al2O3, TiC, SiC, SiCN, BCN, TiCN etc. Further aim is to produce high strength machine and instrument parts and ceramic components by the processes such as thermal sintering or injection molding and designing complex devices using nano particles for specific applications. Besides which the institute also imparts technical training in the application of nano technology for industrial production, offer technology know how to desirous entrepreneurs and offer guidance to research scholars in PhD programmes.

To develop a platform for industry, academia and, scientific professionals to identify different research breakthroughs.
To give a insight to understand the advances in the research and development of nanoscience and technology for students and industry professionals.
To help industries to identify suitable technologies for development of new products through linkages with academia and scientific professionals.
Activities for Students
Professional courses to acquire higher studies
Real time projects/live projects/academic projects
Industrial training
Product development by industrial collaboration
IPR data base for applying patents
Entrepreneurship building
Activities for Industry
R&D projects to develop prototype products
Training courses for industrial employs
Consultancy services
Professional guidance for establishing research facilitates at their premises
Market linkage and support to improve their market potential
Production of super adsorbent grade MWCNT, for water purification, MWCNT for hydrogen gas storage.
Production of nano-composites.
Training & Development: On nano technology and its application.
Consultancy: On nano devices (Water Purifier, Sport equipment, Paints etc.)
Proposed Research Projects
Synthesis of nanomaterials using chemical and green methods in a large scale for commercial applications
Innovative light weight materials for automobile and aerospace applications
Carbon based nanomaterials
Structural nanocomposites
Energy harvesting systems (solar cells, fuel cells and wind energy)
Photo catalytic materials for de-pollution
Self-healing polymer materials
Water purification systems using nanotechnology
Nanofluids for space applications
Biomaterials for medical implants
Drug delivery systems using mesoporous silica materials
Production of multi wall carbon nano tubes (MWCNT) by vacuum argon arc thermal plasma method.
Production of plastic–nano particle composites by injection molding as well as production of resin–nano particle composites by cold setting
Production of silica, alumina, SiC, TiC nano-particles by surfactant involved chemical precipitation.
Development of nano devices for specific applications.