About us


To evolve as the world’s premier research organisation, providing new methods and technologies for building a strong research base in frontier technologies, aiming to bridge gaps in research and development in the country today.


To realize the strong potential that exists to match knowledge and opportunity in India and abroad, to realize enormous wealth in frontier areas.


The main objective of the Malkolak Knowledge Centre is to give fillip to research and development endeavours into certain frontier technology areas, to develop tools, methods and processes in the application of knowledge so as to derive accelerated results in collaboration with various institutions, industry, businesses and academia.

That the objects for which this trust is established are:

  • To devise and conduct programs to promote academic, research & development and consultancy activities and for this purpose to educate, train, foster and develop intellectual, moral and scholastic talents among students / scholars in India and abroad.
  • To establish and maintain:
    • Training, evaluation, research and development institutions for the purpose
    • Scholarships for merit and ways and means of the students of such institutions
    • Earmarked funds for financial assistance to needy teachers of such institutions and their families.
    • To strive to provide placement services to talented and eligible students / scholars, for them to be gainfully employed.
  • To establish different wings / units within the centre, and chapters at regional, state, national and international level by providing affiliations.
  • To conduct academic and research exchange tours, campaigns, festivals, talks, meets, presentations, demos, seminars, road shows, exhibitions, expos etc. Solely or jointly with other academic and research / other institutions in India and abroad.


To undertake advanced research, training, consulting and information services in areas through-

  • Innovation
  • The advancement of knowledge
  • Collection and dissemination of information
  • Development of transfer of processes and technologies.


  • Innovate new avenues, tools, methods and processes in the application of knowledge so as to derive accelerated results.
  • Collaborate with various institutions, industry, business and academia.
  • Gather and disseminate knowledge among the competent entities so as to evolve as a global body of knowledge in various frontiers contextual to local and international arena.
  • Transfer and share the processes and technologies so innovated towards creation of wealth.



  • Research Process Outsourcing from Internal / External Agencies (Govts/ Univs / Business Houses)
  • Partnership / Alliance fee for Scientist Outsourcing or Contracting
  • International Conventions – Sponsor Fees / Promotional Revenue
  • Consulting / Training
  • Patenting & Product Promotion through incubator organizations


  • Partnership / Alliance fee for Space / Lab / Equipment Usage / Facility Usage
  • Doctoral Admissions
  • Publication Revenues
  • Proposed Partners & Concept Supporters: Government of India – Dept. of Science & Technology & many other National and International Institutions