The Malkolak team has been guided by members who are committed themselves to see India as a developed country. The trust has members who worked both in the public domain and private sector at the higher echelons and gained vast experience in various fields. Their efforts are crucial in molding this centre which will strive and contribute for the development of the country and society

Malkolak Core team comprises of

    • Smt.P.Ch.Sita Devi, M.Sc(Physics) with Electronics & PGDCS from University of Hyderabad, M.B.A(HR) from IGNOU, New Delhi has more than 20 years of academic and managerial experience.
    • Dr. Anil Chatterji (Ph.D from Aligarh Muslim University (1976) in Zoology); specialised in Fish Biology, Fish Genetics, Marine Sciences, Coastal Aquaculture Systems and Drug Development. Formerly served at National Institute for Oceonography, Goa and as CEO at Yashraj Biotech, Mumbai.
    • Dr.Saraswati Kanneganti (Ph.D fromĀ  Banaras Hindu University (1966) in Synthetic Chemistry) was Professor & HOD, PG Dept. of Chemistry & Director, P.G.Courses, Professor of Chemistry (Retd.), S.V. University, Tirupati. Professor & HOD, Jagarlamudi Kuppuswamy Choudary College, Guntur, A.P. More than 30 Ph.Ds were awarded under her supervision.
    • Prof. Pramod Khandekar (Ph.D from Banaras Hindu University (1974) in Bacteriophage studies was Ex- Scientist National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi and served at Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Ahmedabad and University of Pune, Pune.
    • Dr.Shobana Vishnu Bhide (Ph.D from University of Pune (1973) in Biochemistry has served as Professor in Biochemistry (Retd.), Department of Chemistry, University of Pune.